lordbizarre's electric guitar & amp museum

Doina Delta amplifier mid 70’s

Doïna é-coustic black Bucuresti end 50’s sn 582

Doïna Vox copy shortscale bass, mid 60’s

Doïna Cruc green-white perloid

Doïna Sângerat '61 early 60's

Doïna Negru 1965, Amphenol plug

Doina Serenada I, with fixed output cable

Serenada I cupper logo & 2x3 tuners

Doina Serenada II

Doïna Star3 3 pu

Hora Felix 1985

(info from Mr.ing.Bazgan Nikolae)





Hora electric 12 string solid body

Hora Savoy

C.I.L. Reghin jazz

Hora Solo 1978 semi-acoustic

Hora Iris with old electrics

Hora 4x2 red

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